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Blog and Media Coverage

Page history last edited by Ben Smith 14 years, 7 months ago
  1. Mark Hanson has covered @uktrains as part of an excellent post on how train companies could close their customer service gap via social media. [20th Jan 2009]
  2. UK Series, a travel and tourism site, has covered @uktrains on their UK Travel Blog in a post 'Why aren’t train operators using Twitter?'. [26th Jan 2009]
  3. Techcrunch UK, reporting on the heavy snow fall in the UK [image],  says 'mashups came to the rescue of anyone wanting real-time [travel] updates about what was happening. One of the most useful was the feeds provided by ... UK Trains'.  [2nd Feb 2009]
  4. Techcrunch (the international site) has also put the Techcrunch UK story on its front page [image].  [2nd Feb 2009]
  5. BBC Radio interviewed (briefly) @bensmithuk about lack of quality service information from train companies,  the collapse of their websites and @uktrains. It aired on Radio 5 at 1845h [clip]. [2nd Feb 2009]
  6. The BBC Backstage site has added an entry for  @uktrains in the list of prototypes that use its feeds. [2nd Feb 2009]
  7. Mobile Industry Review (which @bensmithuk is a contributor to) has written up the service and interest in it during the snow-related disruption.  [2nd Feb 2009]
  8. The 140Char blog has included @uktrains in a write-up of twitter travel and emergency services[2nd Feb 2009]
  9. Ed Parsons - the Geospatial Technologist of Google - blogs about @uktrainspraising it as 'just brilliant'.   [2nd Feb 2009]
  10. Brian Kelly discusses @uktrains in a post about the mainstreaming of twitter. That it can be used for 'sharing and for alerting' is good reason to believe it is now mainstream he says.   [3rd Feb 2009]
  11. Peter Bowyer covers the announcement of our crowd-sourcing trial on his blog.  [9th Feb 2009]
  12. Mobile Industry Review also covers the announcement of our crowd-sourcing trial.    [9th Feb 2009]
  13. Stephen Fulljames describes the launch of @uktrains and his experience as the first crowd-sourced travel alert contributor.  [10th Feb 2009]
  14. Telepgraph.co.uk has listed @uktrains as one of 50 great travel tweeters and highlighted it as a 'useful weather link' in other articles.  [20th Feb 2009] 
  15. The Fact Compiler Blog invited me to write a guest article about @uktrains which prompted a lot of reaction. [15th Jun 2009]
  16. The Railway Gazzette featured @uktrains in an article 'Tweeting train passengers update from the crowd' [9th Jul 2009] and later Chris Scroggins, Chief Executive of National Rail Enquiries, in an article 'Enquiry service Tweets train delays' about @nationalrailenq forgets to mention where the 'passenger suggestion' for crowd-sourced alerts came from :-) [29th Jul 2009]
  17. Rail-Technology.com refers to @uktrains and the contribution it made prompting an official equivalent from National Rail (@nationalrailenq) in an article 'Travellers Turn to Social Networking'. [28th Aug 2009]


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